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Connoisseurs Tips

Simple Tips for Brewing Gourmet Coffee

So often gourmet coffee beans do not reach their full potential because of some brewing detail that could be easily fixed. We care about the coffee you drink. Here are some simple rules to take your gourmet coffee to the next level. A little bit of care will make your next cup sublime:

  • Water quality is often overlooked, yet it is one factors that most effects the quality of your cup of gourmet coffee. Many municipalities add chemicals such as fluoride to the water and this will affect the flavour of your brew. Hard water builds deposits on your extraction equipment that retain extraneous flavours which are then passed on to your coffee. For best results, start with clean filtered water. Look towards WaterSoftenerGuide for the right gear to achieve the best water.
  • Francesco’s Gourmet Coffee contains thousands of subtle aromatic compounds that give it its hues and distinct character. When the coffee beans are ground these delicate compounds are allowed to disperse. To obtain the very finest cup of coffee, always grind your coffee beans just before extraction.
  • When grinding any espresso or filtered coffee be sure to observe the correct coarseness. Coffee beans that are ground too finely may possess a stronger flavour while if ground to coarse it may loose some of its distinguishing hues. Every extraction method exacts it’s own coarseness. Experiment with different grinds and see what flavours emerge.
  • Whether you are brewing our fine filtered coffee or extracting an espresso in the true Italian tradition, make sure that your machine is clean. All brewing equipment should be cleaned and descaled monthly to ensure that your equipment is not adding any extraneous flavours to your fine cup of Francesco’s Gourmet Coffee.