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Ottawa Catholic School Board Choirs – Successfully Fundraising with Francesco’s Coffee Company Inc.

 November 10, 2012

By  Peter

Ottawa Catholic School Board Choirs received and successfully completed their best espresso machines and Coffee fundraiser raising over $4000 to fund concerts and other activities related to their choirs.

Below is a brief introduction to the Ottawa Catholic School Board Choirs and their activities in their community taken from their website.

You can also find out more by visiting the site directly at:


Children’s Choir

Consists of 80 students in Grades 4 through 8.

The Ottawa Catholic School Board Children’s Choir was founded by MaryAnn Dunn in 1991 with the goal of providing an opportunity for the musical children of the Board to sing in an Honours group. The goal remains the same today – emphasis is placed on performance. The Choir is made up of 80 students in grades 4-8, who are chosen by audition. The Choir performs 10-15 engagements around our city each year, including annual concerts both at Christmas and in the spring. The Children’s Choir rehearses weekly on Monday evenings, and one Saturday per month.

Chamber Choir

Consists of 40 students in Grades 7 through 12.

In 1996, the Chamber Choir was founded by MaryAnn Dunn as an extension of the Board Children’s Choir to provide an opportunity for Senior Choir Members to continue studying and to perform more advanced choral repertoire. Since that time, this group of young people has enjoyed a reputation for fine ensemble work in a wide variety of styles. They have sung at various Board functions, and at several community events such as the Olympic Torch Relay, the opening of the National War Museum, the 60th Anniversary Celebration of D Day, and in the Senate Chamber of the Houses of Parliament. They have traveled to Moncton in a musical exchange with Les Petits Chanteurs d’Acadie and have participated annually in the Kiwanis Festival. Senior choir members from the Children’s choir are invited to the Chamber choir by audition. The choir rehearses once a week.

Boys’ Choir

Consists of approximately 25 students in Grades 4 through 12.

All boys who sing in the Children’s and Chamber Choirs participate in our Boys’ Choir. This group was created to encourage music enjoyment among boys and to explore the wonderful sound of an all male ensemble. The Boys’ Choir rehearses twice monthly on Monday evenings following the Children’s Choir rehearsal, and one Saturday per month prior to the Children’s Choir’s monthly Saturday rehearsal. The Boys’ Choir has had the pleasure of singing at an Ottawa 67’s Game, where they had an opportunity to wear their distinctive Choir hockey jerseys.

Young Voices Choir

Consists of approximately 50 students in Grades 4 through 8.

The Young Voices, is comprised of singers selected from our elementary schools based on their natural singing ability and desire to participate in a Board-based choir. They sustain a membership of 40-50 singers, rehearse weekly, and present their own Christmas and Spring concerts twice yearly. In June, they are invited guests at the Annual Children’s, Chamber and Boy’s Choirs’ Spring Concert. They have performed at various functions, including the Annual Meeting of our Board of Education.


Peter has been roasting coffee since 2002. He is passionate about his craft and about talking and teaching others about coffee.

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