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Artisan Coffee Tasting Notes

The roast process has a huge impact on the depth, complexity and richness that is developed by a given coffee varietal coffee.  To extract more subtle flavors in our origins and blends, Francesco’s Coffee Company developed new and innovative techniques based on roasting and cupping observations over a number of years. A very rigorous roasting methodology stemming from this research was developed and implemented. The goal was to maximize the quality and consistency of the artisan coffee that are roasted daily.  Finally software was developed to manage product turnover. Though  many of our production details are leading edge and strictly proprietary, the main focus of our work is on rapid product turnover and custom profiling.

Here are some general tasting notes about our own products from our in-house panel of fresh roasted coffee geeks.

Brazil Santos

Single Origin
City Roast
Originally obtained from Mocha seed over 100 years ago.
A Brazilian classic;  Distinct and smooth with a subtle nutty aroma.

Costa Rica Viennese Roast

Single Origin
High Altitude hard beans yield a very pleasant sweetness.
Roasting profile ensures nice body and good crema if extracted as espresso.

Guatemala French Roast

Single Origin
These mountain-grown beans produce a wonderfully sweet and  smooth finish.

Peru Viennese Roast

100% Organic and Fair Trade
Single origin.
Viennese roasts are wonderful on Peruvian SHBs developing  lovely flavours with nutty tones and that smoky hint we all crave.

Peru City Roast

100% Organic and Fair Trade
Mild South American. Good body and lovely fruity finish.
Taste the Andes.

Peru SWP Decaf  Viennese Roast

100% Organic and Fair Trade
Approximately 1-2% the caffeine of the original. Visit Peru &
be home in time for bed. Swiss water decaffeination makes it unique.

Espresso Soave

Decaf Espresso
Various Roasts
Decaf espresso with all the spectacular flavour and crema…
but you can sleep after.

Tanzanian Peaberry City Roast

A rich flavor and full body, with a that vibrant almost creamy flavour that pea-berries  reward us with.

Sumatra Viennese Roast

Mandheling beans produce some of  the finest and highest-quality coffee
in the world.  A rich, full, earthy flavor.  Enjoy the fire & flavour of Indonesia.

Sulawesi Viennese Roast

Kalossi growing region in the southeastern highlands.  Rich cocoa flavour in a dark roast.
Quintessential coffee flavour.

Mokha French Roast

Single Origin.
Wonderfully rich, north African.  Satisfyingly complex and exotic. Subtle yet interesting sour notes.

Mexico French Roast

The high-grown Coatepecs are of excellent, heavy, and rich flavour.
Bold, caramelized tones. Fruity complexity punctuated by hints of
cocoa and that decadent aroma.

Espresso Garibaldi

100% Organic and Fair Trade
Viennese Roast
A Roman-style espresso blend with a rich crema. Great in home espresso machines and stove top
espresso pots.  Cuts through milk nicely.  This style of espresso is typical of central Italy.

Espresso il Cremoso

Espresso Blend
A smooth but complex espresso blend. Typical of Northern Italy.  Rich flavor and beautiful crema and a chocolatey finish.

Ethiopian Sidamo

100% Organic and Fair Trade
City Roast
North Africa’s best ethically grown beans.  Light-bodied but explosive with complex floral and citrus notes.

Ethiopian Harrar

Single Origin
French Roast North Africa’s best. Taste the origin of coffee.

Colombian City Roast

Single Origin
Ever been to a diner and loved the coffee? This is that old friend that’s always been there.

Colombian French Roast

Single Origin
Always cheerful and Never bitter.  It’s why it’s an old friend. Classic smoky-caramel French roast flavor.

Colombian Decaf French Roast

Classic smoky-caramel French roast flavour. Never bitter…and no caffeine.

Caffé Europa

Medium Blend
City+ Roast
A subtle yet rounded flavor that completes any kind of rich dessert.

Caffé Del Portico

100% Organic and Fair Trade
Various Roasts
Experience the richness of coffee honed from the some of the finest coffee growing regions of two continents.  Rich and complex.  Smokey caramel notes.

Caffé Mastroianni

Medium Blend
City Roast
A blend with smooth brightness like Jamaican Blue Mountain…
but actually better.

Caffé Mondovì

Various Roasts
A classic recipe for those who want body, balance with a smoky finish.

Mohka Cavour, Java Blend

100% Organic and Fair Trade
Various Roasts
Wonderful balanced taste in a medium coffee with subtle boldness & intriguing complexity.

Mokha Savoia, Java Blend

City Roast
An eclectic mocha java blend.
Put some zip in your day!

Mokha Del Nonno, Java Blend

City Roast
A classic mokha recipe.
Wonderfully balanced taste in a medium coffee.

Caffé Tramonto Decaf

Medium Blend Decaf
City Roast
Our rich after-dinner decaf blend that will let you sleep like a baby.
Does not taste like decaf.