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A Canadian Company

​Yes siree! ​ We are 100% Canadian and proud to  live ​here, sell ​here, shop ​here, and employ people ​here.  We believe it’s good for our economy and for those around us.  


Here’s a list of some questions that get asked frequently.

How Often Do You Roast

We roast twice per week. Generally on Monday and Wednesday.

How does Roast-2-Order work?

We wrote software to handle all of the inventory calculations so that we never make more coffee than what is actually ordered.

Sounds complicated? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely!

What if I miss your roast day?

It’s hard to miss the roast day because we send you emails and phone to remind you. Nevertheless sometimes we may be unable to reach you. Often, we can still assemble your order. It is however best not to miss the roast day ordering timelines.

What do you mean by Roast-2-Order?

Roast-2-Order means that if you did not order it, we did not roast it. Prior to each roast day we poll each of our customers and then we produce only that quantity of coffee.

Why Does Roast-2-Order Matter

Roast-2-Order m​atters because some very accurate calculations pertaining to yields, ​forecast totals, and available inventory need to be performed to ensure real freshness.  Without those calculations, your coffee simply won’t be fresh. We do this in real time at every moment of our roast process and that insures that we only ever make exactly what’s ordered.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Your order typically arrives the next day, however we reserve the right to take an extra day to do the job well. So if you order on a Monday, you will often receive the order by Tuesday afternoon and by Wednesday for sure.

what’ s the word on the street?

This is what some of our friends are saying

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Friendly & Organized

  • Software Driven Processes
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Automated Order Tracking

F​resh & Tasty

  • Always Roasted-2-Order!
  • Quick, Inexpensive Delivery
  • International Award Winner ​
  • Stellar Local Reputation

Our Team

We are dauntless crusaders of fine coffee. Reach out to us….

Peter Comino

Peter Comino

Chief Bottle Washer

Sue St. Louis

Sue St. Louis

Customer Support

Barhane MEles

Barhane MEles

Master Roaster

Austin Campagna

Austin Campagna

Fulfilment Specialist

Olivia Akkawi

Olivia Akkawi

Fulfilment Specialist