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Francesco’s Coffee Company believes in Freshness and Quality first and foremost.

We are wholesale specialists. That means that we are focused exclusively on meeting and exceeding business expectations.

Whether you are in Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal, and whatever your coffee needs are, Francesco's is there to support you and grow your business.

New Francesco's customers are often amazed by the:

  • flood of positive comments they now receive from their customers, 
  • level of service they now receive,
  • new growth in their business.

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    Francesco's gets it. Oxygen stales coffee. We package our coffee in high quality bags. Don't be fooled! kraft paper bags won't keep it fresh.

Whether you're starting from the ground up or have been in the business for years, a wholesale partnership with Francesco's Coffee Company simply means more, works better, is more cost effective.

Some of Ottawa's biggest and most reputable businesses serve Francesco's Coffee. Do not hesitate to ask us for a client list and references and be sure to ask the same of any other vendor.

We are more than a supplier.
Think of us as trusted artisan partners
helping you make the best cup of coffee anywhere.


What makes us different from other Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal wholesale coffee roasters is our ability to ROAST TO ORDER  only. Inspired by modern JUST-IN-TIME manufacturing methods FCC set off on a quest to completely eliminate all roasted inventory.Others may make this claim, but it is in fact very difficult to actually attain.  We wrote complex software to achieve this capability over a number of years. No small feat! But there's really no other way!

So... to recap:
NO INVENTORY... zilch, zippo, zero, nada, none!

FCC delivers coffee to your door within 36 hours of roasting. Often sooner.

Why settle for once a week delivery or for coffee that was roasted two weeks prior? It's not all the same...


Your business is important. That's why your order is handled by a team of dedicated account managers and fulfillment specialists.  So... no dropped orders, no holding on the phone, no despondent baristas moonlighting as order takers, no resource sucking café divisions. Just polite, knowledgeable, effective service, at your disposal and fantastic, truly fresh coffee.


Our Fair Trade coffee is backed by real certifications. That means that we are audited by certifying entities a minimum of once per year. No vague promises of Direct Trade here. We know exactly where our coffee was grown, by whom, and to what standards.

Nothing detracts from your business more than than an un-certified product masquerading as one with legitimate certifications and pedigree. Be discerning. Don't settle.

We deliver the assurance that only an audited paper trail can offer.  Ask us to show you our certifications. We'd be thrilled to oblige and be sure to ask the same of any other vendor.


Francesco's gets it. Oxygen rapidly stales any coffee. We package our coffee in high quality bags with aluminum oxygen barriers. Don't be fooled... kraft paper bags won't keep your coffee fresh. Our clients have different format needs. To accommodate this, we package the following:

  • full range of made-to-order sachets for food service service applications, (roasted the night before shipping)
  • 1lb. valved bag format,
  • 3/4lb. valved bag format, and
  • 5 lb valved bag format

All our artisan coffee is packed in oxygen proof  aluminum PTE  valved and gusseted bags.  Retail packages are equipped with resealable tin ties.  Ask us about your own private label.


We are proud to represent the legendary Gruppo Cimbali / Faema product line in Eastern Ontario.


We believe in artisan coffee, not artisan marketing! You are not alone in this! Talk to us about the best marketing program in available in artisan coffee today! Free consultations and support.


Need ancillary products such as syrups and teas? FCC carries a wide range of both pre-bagged and loose leaf teas.

Syrups and flavors quickly establish our customers as full-service tea house or espresso bars allowing you to expand as your business grows.



Got an idea? Many first time entrepreneurs will launch headfirst into a coffee business without a well hewn business plan. Consequently they will be under capitalized and at risk of failure. We will happily provide you with an honest, unbiased opinion on your concept, strategy, location, etc... Why because we have done it before and we get it...


Want to be trained as a barista? We offer the Francesco’s Coffee Company Espresso Fundamentals course to train your staff to be skilled baristas. With staff confidence comes improved service quality, increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth.


Need operations know how? For first time operators, the task of running a viable operation can seem daunting. We offer a full operations manual and as well as forms and check lists to setup your café and get it running quickly and right!