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Brewed Coffee

Artisan Coffee

Classic recipes origins and blends roasted to order for unmatched freshness and quality.


Fair Trade Coffee

A selection of fragrant origins and blends from cooperatives around the coffee growing world.

Coffee gear

Our curated selection of tested coffee gear. Selected and designed to give you the most awesome coffee experience ever!

Deluxe Ceramic Mug

Coffee Merch

Collection of hip coffee merch. Now you can be the coolest cat on your block!

We Believe In making

and we want to share with you…

Fresh Beans

Chemically, coffee and bread are nearly identical, so it stands to reason that, like bread, coffee should only be produced as it is sold. Because of this, FCC has made the fanatical pursuit of freshness its raison d’être. We took care to write software that allows us to roast only what we have sold. We believe that this no-compromise approach leads to the freshest coffee available anywhere.

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