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Classic recipes origins and blends roasted to order for unmatched freshness and quality.


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A selection of fragrant origins and blends from cooperatives around the coffee growing world.

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Our curated selection of tested coffee gear. Selected and designed to give you the most awesome coffee experience ever!

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the Francesco’s Story

The Boundaries Of The Roast

From the beginning FCC has been pushing the boundaries of current coffee roasting wisdom resulting in a selection  of unique, freshly roasted estate coffees and blends with distinct and elegant flavour profiles. Francesco’s Coffee is one of the first companies in Canada to offer a full range of Fair Trade coffee. Ottawa’s coffee culture has been evolving and FCC has been a consistent favorite with top chefs and discerning consumers.

A Modern Coffee Roaster in Ottawa

At Francesco’s Coffee Company, Little Blue and Big Red are Samiac coffee roasters that produce 10 and 60 kilo batches of freshly roasted coffee every seventeen minutes. FCC chose coffee roasters with ultra-heavy cast iron roasting drums,  some of the thickest in the industry, as well as state-of-the-art burners that allow for better delivery of heat to our estate grown coffees.  Today, Francesco’s Coffee Company boasts a fully equipped state of the art coffee production facility to serve the needs of its retail, wholesale and coffee fundraising clientele across Canada and the US. Through the use of ultra-precise process control technology and the introduction of an innovative modulated cooling cycle, Francesco’s is known as a leader in Canadian artisan coffee.

Fresh Beans

Chemically, coffee and bread are nearly identical, so it stands to reason that, like bread, coffee should only be produced as it is sold. Because of this, FCC has made the fanatical pursuit of freshness its raison d’être. We took care to write software that allows us to roast only what we have sold. We believe that this no-compromise approach leads to the freshest coffee available anywhere.

A modern wholesale program

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Program Features

  • True Roast-2-Order
    FCC only ever roast your coffee when we get your order
  • As Needed Pricing
    FCC let you choose what fits your budget
  • Adapt-A-Program
    FCC tailors a coffee solution to suit your needs…not ours


Let’s connect. Let’s talk. Let’s build your coffee business. 
Let’s leverage expertise, 

Let’s design your coffee program so that together we build something outstanding and carry the day. Oh, ya and let’s be passionate about what we do and never forget to be honest with one another.

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People don't just buy products...

they buy solutions to their problems, and the last thing they need at the end of the day is another excuse…

We know, and we get it … and that’s the service we provide:

“We make your coffee program work.”

From A to Z, turnkey, smart, scalable and of course, always profitable. 

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