Classic 58 mm Espresso Tamper

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‘- Wooden Handle
– Precision machined, polished stainless steel tamping head
– Pleasant 310 gr heft

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At first glace this tamper is an almost a rudimentary tool and one might be forgiven for thinking the same of a razor sharp katana. Yet, in the hand of the samurai the katana can move borders. Similarly a skilled barista might well skew world politics with a well crafted cup of coffee.

Classic 58 mm tamper for professional or home espresso machines. This tamper does not boast a flashy digital readout and does not come equipped with an onboard pressure dispensing spring. On the other hand the understated elegance of the well crafted wooden handle and precision machined, polished stainless steel tamping head make this a lifetime tool that speaks clearly about your level of experience.?? In the hands of a skilled barista, this 58mm tamper is that katana. Simple and unassuming but relentlessly effective at doing the one thing in was designed to do.

When I tested it, this tamper felt good in my hand and allowed me to take undistracted pleasure in the art of pulling the perfect shot.

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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