Hario Skerton Plus Grinder

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Capacity: ~100g
Weight: 500g
Heatproof Glass Bowl Made in Japan
Ceramic Burrs
Stainless Steel Handle, Fixing Screw, Stopper and Grind Adjustment Nut
Silicone Rubber Hopper Lid and Non-slip Cover
Polypropylene Lid, Grip and Hopper

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Just when you thought Hario couldn't get any cooler, they've gone and upgraded the classic Hario Skerton Coffee Grinder. The new Skerton Plus stabilizes the ceramic burrs with a nifty little plate for a significantly more consistent grind. It's still high capacity so you can brew for everyone and it still won't break the bank.

A hand grinder has always been an essential part of any travel/work kit, and this is one of the best. With a ceramic conical burr set (the bit that grinds the coffee) and a sturdy handle, this will provide you with consistently ground fresh coffee to ensure a delicious caffeinated beverage. Also, due tho the gentler forces involved in hand grinding, your coffee will never be exposed to excessive heat.???? The grind size is easily adjustable to any any brew method.

Grinding your coffee just before extraction is perhaps the easiest and biggest improvement you can make in the quality of your cup. The second most important improvement is proper storage of coffee beans. Don't forget to keep any opened package of beans in an airtight container.?? We offer a very nice, yet inexpensive storage option below...

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